Cataract Symptoms and Surgery Procedure

Cataract Symptoms and Surgery Procedure

To understand Cataract symptoms and its surgery procedure first we need the answer of the question “what is Cataract?”

Cataract – The lens of eyes acts like the lens of camera and focuses the light on the retina and makes the things visible to you. Sometimes after the age of around 45 years the lens begin starts cloudy due the breaking of proteins of the lens and the vision becomes blurry, fuzzy and cloudy, this cloudy lens is referred to as cataract. The only way of removing cataract or cataract treatment is getting through an eye surgery procedure which is referred as cataract surgery.

Generally, the process of cataract formation is very slow and painless but due to some reasons the cataract formation may speed up. Below are the situations when the cataract formation may speeds up:

1. Due to diabetes2. Eye Inflammation or any eye injury like trauma3. Long term use of steroids4. Smoking5. Eye Surgery for another reason6. Radiation Exposure7. Too much exposure to sunlight (Ultraviolet Light)8. Eye diseases like uveitis

Symptoms of Cataract:

Cataract formation affects the vision very slowly and painlessly but with the time vision gets worse.

1. If the lens is covered with mild clouding, the vision is not affected that much, often it occurs after the age of 60 years.2. But by the age of 75, most people have cataracts that may badly affect the eye vision. The following changes can be noticed as the effects of cataract

• Loss of color intensity• Fuzzy, Cloudy, or foggy vision• Glare sensitivity• Frequent change in glasses number• Night time or dim light vision problem • Double vision (Seeing more than one thing or colors)• Feeling difference between same shapes and colors• Seeing halos around lights

In advanced cases the pain, redness and watering due to inflammation or secondary glaucoma may be considered as symptoms of cataract.

Even in daylight the cataract patient feel decreased vision, generally cataract is formed in both the eyes and both are affected with same decreased vision, but sometime one eye may be worse than another.

Treatment of Cataract or Cataract SurgeryA detailed eye checkup is required to detect the presence of cataract and the need of cataract surgery.Cataract Surgery results in the removal of cataract from the eyes. After cataract is treated you will be able to see the things much clearly and perform well in your daily activities.Although the modern day medical technology has reduced the risks of any type of treatment, but like every surgery cataract surgery also has some exceptions like after going through the surgery you might not be able to get a 20/20 vision if you have some other eye problem, but if you are getting the cataract treatment from any reputed ophthalmologist, he/she usually determine this problem in advance and let you know about it.

If the cataract symptoms are not bothering you too much then cataract surgery may not be needed, a small change in the eyeglasses may be adequate.

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